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Shameless Inc. Terms & Conditions

Retail Merchandise Refund/Return Policy: We offer full exchanges and returns on unworn, unwashed retail products. All refunds will be provided as a credit to the credit card used at the time of purchase within five (5) business days upon receipt of the returned merchandise. Refunds are made for cost of items only, it excludes all shipping/handling costs. Please present a copy of your receipt and ship returning items with instruction for exchange/refund to:
Shameless Inc.
2013 Hennepin ave
Mpls, MN 55405
Shipping Policy/Delivery Policy: Please be assured that your items will ship out within two days of purchase. If an out of stock item is purchased, the buyer is notified by email and may take up to 7 business days for shipment. All MN residents are shipped using U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS). All shipping addresses outside of MN are shipped UPS (based upon delivery method chosen at checkout). Sorry but we cannot ship to P.O. boxes. If you’re trying to estimate when a package will be delivered, please note the following: Credit card authorization and verification must be received prior to processing. UPS deliveries occur Monday through Friday.

Shipping and Handling Costs: Shipping is calculated by weight through UPS. All shipping info is available upon purchase checkout. Sales tax of 7.775% will be charged on non-clothing items.
Prices: Shameless reserves the right to change published prices at any time, prices are evaluated against industry standards.

--- Custom Apparel Terms & Conditions ---
Custom Job Approvals: Shameless requires the customer to sign a job approval form, or e-mail approvals for every order we process. This process is for the protection of the customer and Shameless. If the customer waives the sign-off, by signing a Job Approval Waiver form, Shameless will not be responsible for problems with logo placement or color selection and customer may forfeit any and all credit or damage request related to the job. Proofs are sent in Adobe PDF format for ease of reading and zooming. If you cannot read/open the proof file, Shameless will not be held responsible for errors on approved jobs.
 Please note: Shameless strives to provide the highest level of service and support to you and your clientele. The rigorous job approval process we go through lessens the chance we will experience service or quality problems with your order. We strongly advise our customers to never waive their signature on a Job Approval form.

Copyright: All artwork received by Shameless is assumed to be original with full ownership by the client submitting said art. Any 'blatant' infringement upon this will result in job refusal.
Turn Around Time: Standard production is 10 working days. Rush orders may be accommodated depending on production capacity. WE WILL TRY is never a guarantee! Purchase orders including logo information must be received in Shameless’ offices later than 2:00 P.M., Mon-Fri, will not be entered into the scheduled until the next day. If you are a new or an existing customer using a new logo requiring art services, please allow sufficient time for approval. If your requested ship date cannot be honored for any reason, Shameless will contact you. We will not guarantee print quality for art provided by client not in Adobe Illustrator CS5 format– we have no way of controlling the printing process if we have not generated the art. To protect both client and Shameless’ reputation, we also reserve the right to refuse to print due to quality of film from poor art work that may in turn result in poor quality printed products. Our objective is to make your product look the best it can.

Rush Charges: If Shameless production schedules allow, orders requested in less than 5 days will be processed and assessed rush charges. Goods and logo information must be in Shameless’ possession no less than 48 hours prior to due date to be accepted for rush service. Shameless will give every attempt to accommodate rushes, please note however, that during high capacity production times, rushes may not be possible, if it is determined that such rush jeopardize the quality of service expected by the customer and Shameless.

Credit & Terms: Shameless Inc. (Shameless) shares credit data with local and national credit reporting agencies. New Customers term are pre-pay or 50% down COD. (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover) Request for Credit Terms are based on a solid record of order placement. When order criteria is met, Credit can be established upon approved application, order history and credit information. Once established, payments not compliant with terms will reclassify account to COD or Prepay status. Shameless terms may be one of the following (COD, all contract accounts are Net 15 or Net 30). A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% APR) will be assessed on unpaid balances beyond established terms. Unpaid balances more than 90 days will be turned over to a collection agency for payment.

Quality Issues: Credit for production errors or quality issues will be promptly granted by Shameless after the goods in question have been returned to Shameless.

Errors in Goods Received: Shameless always makes a best effort to ensure that goods received conform to what we have been advised to expect. When exceptions are detected, Shameless will advise you. Please note: Shameless is not responsible for wrong styles, colors, color combinations, shortages, overages or incorrect shipments received in our facility.

Damages: Shameless is an industrial operation, providing contract-imprinting services. Scrap and waste (damages) are a normal and expected part of our operation. Shameless takes great care to minimize damage during the imprinting process. The industry average for damages is approximately 2 – 4%. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure there are enough blanks available to produce the final count required by the order. Shameless will reimburse for damages above two percent (2%). Shameless will pay for the full cost of the goods up to a maximum of $18 per garment, or item. Damaged goods not shipped with the order are donated to local charities and homeless shelters, please let us know within 30 days if you would like damaged goods returned at your cost. Damaged goods shipped with your order, must be returned to Shameless and proof of garment cost must be provided. Shameless will not pay damages in excess of full job revenue. Please note: Shameless will imprint al blanks received unless the extras are assigned to a separate order that is approved only if damages occur on the main order.

Job Bundling: Shameless price list is based on the size of a specific job, not on the total number of items you are submitting across multiple jobs. Different versions of the same logo (color changes, ink type changes, and placements) are considered a separate job. There is setup for any job when logos have to be changed to accommodate multiple products. Pricing will be based on the quantity of goods that are the same within each run.

Receiving: Purchase Orders and drop ship information needs to be received prior to shipment in order to provide numbers to receive against. The count performed by Shameless receiving on
incoming goods will be considered final. Any discrepancies between what Shameless expected to receive and what was actually received will be reported to the customer. To ensure accuracy, please advise us of style #’s colors, sizes for verification. Please alert us to approximate dates that shipments should arrive to secure space to receive it.
Please: Use the following format for sending goods to Shameless
(Customers Name) PO #
c/o Shameless Inc.
2013 Hennepin ave
Mpls, MN 55405

Incoming COD Shipments: We do not accept COD shipments from clients for imprintables. All shipments from client orders must be paid by client.

Shipping Point: All shipments are FOB factory and Shameless is not responsible for shipments lost in transit. Requests for insurance on shipping must be made in writing. Freight will be billed to client 3rd party freight account. Please supply us with those account numbers if you wish to have us ship on your behalf.
International Shipping: Shameless will ship international provided a 3rd party account is given. Shameless will not be held responsible for customs fees, delays, incorrect addresses, and any reason for undelivered International shipments.

Shipping & Handling Charges: Shipping instructions must be clearly listed on work order or purchase order. Shameless ships via UPS Ground for all shipments unless otherwise specified.
Shameless prefers to bill 3rd party to your UPS or Fed Ex account number. All shipping addresses must be in writing. No verbal shipping instructions will be accepted. Shameless charges published rates for all shipping charges and a “per box” handling fee on all outgoing shipments.

Drop/Split Shipment Charges: Add $5.00 per address for handling charges. For orders over ten (10) addresses, call for a quote.

Packaging: All orders produced by Shameless will be individually quality checked, production process cleaned. Unless otherwise specified, all orders will be packed in printers 12 fold, please specify if individual fold, fold in 3’s, fold in 6’s. Individual Fold $0.35 each. Attach Hang tags (tags supplied by customer) $0.25 per piece. Attach Price Stickers or Bar Code labels (supplied by client) $0.10 per piece.




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